Seven Cheers for Seven Years, How Beer City does Art


The party kicked into full swing quickly as the corporate sponsors gathered to celebrate the start of ArtPrize’s seventh year (#ArtPrize7).  The HUB facility was a beehive of activity with music, laughter, and of course… ART!  The evening was generously sponsored by Adtegrity and Comerica Bank.

From the parklet out front of the building that was installed in just four days to the “Double Crown” winner of both critic and viewer’s choice, Intersections, in its new semi-permanent home (actually a steel replica of the original, but who cares it’s still amazing/awe inspiring #steelcase) one thing is clear- the art is back in town!




Or did it ever leave?  Standing in the crowd of sponsors makes you realize that to many, ArtPrize is a year-round affair that culminates in an extravaganza of epic proportions. Art invades life as downtown is converted into a living tapestry of people from all over the state/world.  Last night it felt as if the entire room had taken a deep breath and was ready for the whirlwind of activities to start blowing them (and their minds) away. These people, who had given so much time, energy, effort, and love into this creation deserved more than a round of applause… and the Director of Corporate Sponsorship, Jori Bennett, gave them just that with the help of musician Todd Herring.

Herring’s heart-felt ballad, ripped straight from the pages of a 7th grader’s love letter (supposedly written by Jori Bennett herself) resonated beautifully since this was ArtPrize’s 7th year. Lyrics included such gems as “You make it snow, preferably AFTER ArtPrize!” with a swaying melodic chorus of “seven cheers to you!” and others that had the crowd rolling with laughter.  Not sure if it was seeing last year’s winner in all its glory, the Parklet set up out front by Landscape Designs (With a sand/stone stage that makes you do a double-take when you realize this was a street last week), chatting with our friends from Comerica or the delicious “Adtegritini” specialty cocktails (as a play off the sponsor Adtegrity), but by the end of the night I was brimming with ArtPrize excitement!  You will be too when you see what the ArtPrize sponsors have in store for their 7th season! #ArtPrize7

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