George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic play Prospecto

The music blared, fans cheered loudly and the stage lights glared shades of red, white and blue at The Intersection as George Clinton finally joined his Parliament Funkadelic band mates on stage late Saturday night.

Clinton was dressed in a blue trench-looking coat decorated with tribal-like glyphs and donning an elaborate headdress.

Clinton headlined Prospecto Musical Showcase and Sonic Experience.

Clinton lead his eclectic musical ensemble by playing two of their major hits, first “Aqua Boogie” followed by “(Not Just) Knee Deep.”

Often noted for their stellar instrumentation and vocal presentation – nerve-tensing strings, shake-your-butt drum patterns, ear-bending horns, and heart-stirring harmonies and keys – Parliament Funkadelic did not disappoint, living up to their reputation of outstanding musicality built more than four decades ago.

The musical legacy of Parliament Funkadelic has proven time and time again, and it shows no signs of stopping or tiring, this was clearly evidenced by the diverse age range and ethnicity of those in attendance.

Near the end of show Parliament Funkadelic lead the audience in a sing-a-long of “Give Up The Funk.” George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic were absolutely entertaining, which included the use of  an amusing narrator to guide all through their funky mythology.

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