Bottom 40 RED OUT

BOTTOM 40 is a traveling party that specializes in underground and ironic dance music, and life.

Grand Rapids RED Project is made up of community members who are passionate advocates and activists in the fight against HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and the harmful or risky choices that help spread these life-altering medical conditions.

Last night, the two entities got together at the Pyramid Scheme in an effort to raise awareness around the GR Red Project and support of World Aids Day.

 Stellafly‘s Mikey Cook stopped by to take a closer look at the BOTTOM 40 scene. We’d heard that these two Jonathan Bell and Christian Verwys like to move around Grand Rapids by holding parties at local favorite venues like the Sazerac. These parties aren’t invite only however, they’re open to the public so every one is welcome to come. They always partner with a non-profit, most recently and most often, the GR Red Project.

Over 1,000 condoms, 400 packets of lube, 20 female condoms, and 30 dental dams went out to the Grand Rapids commmunity curtosey of the Grand Rapids Red Project and Kent County Health Department. The Pyramid Scheme donated a portion of the proceeds to the Red Project to fund HIV Prevention in our community.

We pulled this from Tami VandenBerg‘s (co-owner of the Pyramid Scheme) Facebook wall today:

“Huge thanks to everyone who came out for BOTTOM 40 RED OUT! What a fantastic night! Thanks to Jonathan Bell and Christian Verwys for the sweet tunes. Thanks to Beth Pasikowski, Kelly Weir and Colin Daniel Shotwell for amazing outreach. Thanks to The Pyramid Scheme and Red Project staff for all their work. And thanks to all the dancers! Capacity crowd! Cheers!”

Pretty much says it all. If you haven’t gone to a BOTTOM 40 event, it’s time you do.

To learn more about them, find them on Facebook:


To learn more about the Grand Rapids Red Project: 


photography: Mikey Cook




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